Sunday, October 01, 2006

Friday (night)....

Charlene (horse impression)

Dave and Charlene

Kirsty had a thing on Friday night starting at 8pm, which was timed well as we got back to mine to pick up her car at about 7.30. Horse racing! She had invited me along earlier in the day. With Dave, Charlene, Chris and Kara also coming, how could I say 'no'. As It turned out I didn't need any sugar cubes as it was TV horses not real ones, with 50p bets and only 'to win' bets available. I think we caused a bit of a stir because there was not a race that went by where one of us didn't win, and we had 2 raffle wins too, namely me and Chris! Kara and Chris had actually been to the real horse races that day but Chris was a bit ticked because he didn't win a thing whilst Kara notched up a few back-to-back wins! 'Good on ya girl!'

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