Friday, October 20, 2006

Yeah baby, I'm back!

What a hoo har! Get back from Oz and find that my computer keyboard ain't working, well, just the top line of letters from 'q' to 'p'. That meant; no blogging, no emails, no googling, no surfing. In fact, if I was to write this sentence with the keyboard it would read like this:-

"ha a h ha! G back fm z and fnd ha m cm kbad an' kng, ll, js h ln f ls fm '' ''. ha man; n blggng, n mals; n ggglng; n sfng. n fac, f as hs snnc h h kbad ld ad lk hs:-"

Needless to say I had to go out and buy a new one. Each letter is precious. Treasure them.

Problem. How do I condense a week in Australia and some 250 photos into concise blog style segments. Hmmmmmm. Lets see if this works.

Day 1. Me and Melissa went to the Melbourne zoo. Caught the tram. Saw loads of animals. That evening met up with Steve and his Mom, Dad and 2 of the friends he had lived with during his year long stay down under. Had dinner, then us youngsters stayed out and played; In an Irish themed pub on the banks of the city's river. The river Yarra.

Lions -"Roar"
Me and Mel
Steve and Me
Aimee and Nerida (Steve's 'Queenslander' buds)
Melbourne at night

Day 2. Almost the same format as day 1. We decided to head to the same area for breakfast as we had dinner the night before with Steve. Next we visited the aquarium. Fishes! Then came an observation deck atop one of Melbourne's many skyscrapers. The evening was taken up with a meal with most of the wedding guests attending. Again us young stuffs continued the night once the food had gone. The bars are open till 3am as standard over there with free entry at any time. England take note!

Pimp Daddy Chocolat aka Me
Carley, her Dad Phil, and Steve
Me, Steve and Nerida
Melissa, Aimee and yours truly

more to follow....

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Sachas Dad said...

Welcome home son!

Don't text whilst cruising the M11 at 90mph, especially if you're following Anna round a roundabout.