Friday, October 27, 2006

Keep on blogging!

I just wanted to say a big thanks to those of you who have visited squish pages. It's great to think that you guys would take the time out to read some rubbish I wrote. I've had, to date, 143 visits since I installed a counter, (although the counter was installed 3 weeks in, and the first 7 visits was me before I learned how to 'ghost' my computer from the counting). And this week I had a 'squish pages visitor record' of 16 hits in one calendar day. Doesn't sound much, but with and average of 9 hits a day it makes me chuffed that I've entertained that many people each day.

But just like everything, you always want more. And I'm now thinking of ways to keep you coming back and to make the occasional visitor or one off visitor come back again and again.

I've discovered a Yahoo Avatar, with which you can create a character, then dress it up however you want. Then as I found by accident when I played around with the female avatar, the changes happen live and your avatar takes on the new look. I had made a girl avatar up, then gone to bed. The next evening I came home and found the girl version had been on squish pages all day instead of the guy version I did first. Oooo the shame!

I hope one day to sell squish pages to Google (I kid). So 'Come on! Make me popular!'


Soylent Green said...


A Girl version by accident...

Yeah, I believe you ;-)

That's like saying Chris Isn't Biglog!!!

squish said...

I swear! By accident! I must of lent on the keyboard.....

The Omega Man said...

you keep these pages interesting mate and we'll keep reading them.

you can create Lego Avatars as well