Monday, October 16, 2006

No church. No bell

Ah. Saturday was the wedding and thankfully the weather held up and the ceremony was held in the gardens of this magnificent looking function hall. It was really good, with us guests disappearing to the local bar for an hour whilst the dj set up. The dinner was very tasty and the dj played the standard wedding stuff, disco and party. Quite spookily both me and Mel caught the bouquet and garter (I didn't know this, but the garter is the male version. Maybe an Aussie thing. After the 12 o'clock finish a few of us headed into town to continue the evenings festivities. Dragged ourselves back to the hotel bout 4.

The next day I joined the 2 now joined families for a BBQ lunch down by the banks of the river in a picturesque suburb. Mel was feeling the effects of a cold, and jet lag, so stayed in bed. It's now Monday, and our last full day and night here, so we've gotta cram all the remaining stuff in. Today will be a river cruise and visiting the coast. Up and at em!

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Anonymous said...

round of applause for mavis and rudyard!!!