Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yeah baby, I'm back! Pt 2

Day 3. Today was the day of the wedding, but before that, me and Mel hit the shops and had a general wander. The wedding was wonderful as was the reception after, with the food and the speeches and the dancing. All wrapped up at 12am but to continue the night Me, Melissa, Hilary (one of Carley's mates) and Amiee hit the town and when to a club till the wee small hours.

Mel and some horses
Steve and myself
Melissa and Me
Melissa and Amiee
Steve and Scott - The Best Man
Melissa and Hilary
Hilary and Carley

Day 4. Melissa had succumbed to a cold so felt like taking a time out. The advent of jet lag and 4.30 am finish also didn't help. I met up with the now joined two family's of Steve and Carley's, and Hilary, and Julie (Carley's best mate) at Carley's oldest sister's house. After some card and present opening we all took a walk to a BBQ restaurant on the banks of the Yarra. The day finished in the early evening as everyone was exhausted from the wedding. It was a night in this night as Mel still felt ill and I was tired and quite stuffed from lunch.

train to Fairfield
a trojan, something
Carley and Steve

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