Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wedding Day!

Me! (Don't worry. I didn't fall)

Toady is wedding day. Actually is less than 2 hours! Last night a lot of the wedding guests, family and friends met for dinner in an Afghan restaurant. We had a set menu so wasn't able to explore the cuisine fully. The weather has turned to its more seasonal temperature of low 20s but its still quiet pleasant. My plan to upload my photos from the hotel lobby terminal has been thwarted by the fact that it takes 4 years just to do 1 photo. Its cheap to be online though; $1 aus for 10 mins. That works out to be around 40p!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

G'day Ralph......or should i say...aaallo daaaliin!!! so finally i land in the wonderful world of Sacharoo!!! I see i've 'featured' in you picture gallery...but more importantly, i noticed someone else who has appeared, and sporting a splended smile....a certain cat??!!! Anyway, i should remark on one or two issues i have about this whole 'blob' thing. One- at the pinnacle of the 'sachee' story there are the least pictures. Now i've heard about your weak excuse for not adding more but i dont buy it....maybe your just too busy with your company???!!!. (which must also be the reason why you havent returned any of my 2 messages- bastarderoo!) And now i've written that i cant remember the other thought i had on the tecnological breakthrough that is the blob!!! So, i look forward to hearing more sir....Good luck sir....may the force be with you!!!!