Sunday, October 01, 2006

Friday (day)....

Sarah and KirstyIain and Sarah
Sarah got up first. She had to go sign in or something - what do I know I was sleeping!! Then Kirsty, so she could do the hair straightening thing again. I got up at 10am, showered and dressed by which time Sarah had returned, soaked through. She had been caught in a downpour and need to dry off. Taking the roll of 'mom', Sarah made breakfast. Waffles!! We settled down and watched some daytime TV till the planned lunchtime meet.

We took the car which almost didn't pay off because there was zero parking, but we eventually found a spot down a residential turning. Now the pub we arrived in had no food (as their delivery was late) so we had to wait about 2 hours just to eat. The hunger thing had kicked in again so me and Kirsty had to grab a couple of pepperamis. Eventually we ate a proper lunch and was joined by Iain, Nikki and Melissa! (and even more of Sarah's mates). It was a lazy relaxing Friday, but me and Kirsty had to leave before it ended to head back home. Kirsty had something to get back for...

Sarah, Nikki and RachelMelissa and Sarah

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