Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sunday.../ I'm still standing

Had to wake up early on Sunday morning at 6am to watch the Chinese F1 Grand Prix. And well worth it, it was too, because I got to see Michael Schumacher open up a serious can of whoop-ass on Fernando Alonso, by beating him into 2nd place after starting further back on the grid and getting the best of a wet/dry race. Schumi now leads the World Championship for the first time this year. Equal on points but ahead because he has now won 7 races this year to Alonso's 6! GO SCHUMACHER!! Jensen Button also did well to finish 4th at the flag by overtaking de la Rosa, Barrichello (his teammate) and Heidfeld all in the last 2 laps as it started to rain again and got too slippery for the others to handle. GO BUTTON!!

Had my performance review today and whilst I didn't reach a perfect score during my assessment period I had done enough to show that I am still able to hold my own in the office, soooo YAY MEEEE!!!!!!!

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