Monday, January 29, 2007

3 little stories

3 short tales of my life the last few days.

Story 1) In my household we have 2 Sky satellite decoders on a 'multiroom' subscription. I guess to stop misuse, the decoders regularly 'ring' Sky to say "I'm still here and I'm still connected to the phone line". Apparently one of our decoders stopped ringing back last July. So Sky started charging me for TWO separate subscriptions! It seems we have a faulty decoder with a broken modem. Gotta get a engineer out to look at it! Grrr!

Story 2) My silver James Bond edition k800i had a fault:- The call lists failed to update and every time it was switched on, the 'down' and 'right' on the joystick, and '8' and '9' on the keypad would not work for about 30 mins, then ok. Informed O2 who told me they would exchange it. As they were out of the silver phones they sent me a brand new black one to use until the silver ones were back in stock. About 3 weeks! Ain't they nice!

Story 3) At step class this evening the lady who normally takes the class didn't turn up. At first we was told she was running late, so we started the warm up ourselves ready for when she got there. 20 mins later and we had begun the main class. As we were all regulars we all knew the routine, but had no music. We was then told she wasn't coming after all. At that point the novelty wore off, and most of us packed up and went home. I went into the gym for my work out.


The badminton King said...


Ask yourself hat would Rocky Balboa do in these situations... ;-)

Mr No Tech said...

You don't get the luck with mobiles do you?
stick with plastic cups and string...less hassle and no monthly charges :)


squish said...

That's a cracking good idea Mr No Tech! Which network is that deal on?

mr no tech said...

Caveman Mobile!