Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back to Leicester

On Friday I headed up to Leicester to see my sister, Sarah, as she was having a uni based birthday party, obviously for the university crew. Its was a joint party with a chum named Ellie. It was in the function room of a 'Revolution' bar, and was themed. The theme; James Bond styled party wear, so lots of tuxedos, pressed shirts and smart dresses. In the case of Sarah, two dresses as she couldn't decide on one.

Sarah was nice to put me up in her halls again and prepare me dinner. It was also good the see the guys, Iain, Abdi, Nikki and Mel again. On Saturday me and Sarah visited Mel and grabbed £2 pizzas for lunch.

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Greg said...

£2 pizzas - nice to know you wined and dined sarah in my absence. Thank heavens i couldnt make it, i wouldnt have been able to pay the food bill. sorry i couldnt make it mate, sorry to sarah too. I hope much fun was had, although i find it hard to believe that 'much' fun was had without me being there. I imagine it was just mildly fun.