Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Myspace or yours?

This past Sunday I opened a Myspace account after bowing to a bit of public pressure, plus the benefit over a blog in the way of greater interactivity, networking plus being a worldwide phenomenon that everyone has heard of. With a Myspace your given a blank page with a few standard features like profile, 'about me' section and comments, but every thing else can be edited. Maybe I is a bit thick but I could find no wallpapers or templates on Myspace. Which must mean that I must trawl through the internet to find things to decorate the page, like fonts and layouts; addons and styles; all with some knowledge of HTML needed.

After 2 hours of trial and error I ended up with something I was far from happy with. Clearly a lot of time and effort has to go into making a good looking Myspace. The worst thing is that it can't be worked on behind the scene and released once ready, its online from the first moment. With my name plastered all over it.

I deleted it, disappointed with the results. Maybe I'll try again sometime...

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Anonymous said...

beter luck next time mate.