Sunday, January 21, 2007

Post number 100!!

That right! This is Sqiush Pages 100th post. Who of thunk it. To celebrate I've decided to create a Capricorn roll call, a little tribute to my fellow rams.

Sarah, 6th January

ME!, 8th January

Steve(-o), 10th January

Bex, (Dan's wife) 11th January

Gregg, 14th January

Michelle, (Jason's wife) 15th January

Phil, 15th January

Melissa, 20th January

Dominique, 20th January

Kat, (Sarah's uni mate) 20th January

Sharon, (Gregg's sister) 21th January

(couple of pics missing, will include when I get them)


Aries Rule... said...

Everyone knows Aries are far superior to Capricorns...

squish said...

Everyone? I don't know any Capricorns that think so!