Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First movie tears

On Sunday I watched the very 1st film which made me cry. Yup, actually cry.

I wasn't Ghost or Watership Down; or Bambi, E.T. or Old Yeller: or even United 93.
It was Rocky II!

I know!!

I've never been a big Rocky fan, but with the sixth film out and with good reviews; it was on my list of movies to watch. As luck would have it Sky had decided to show all 5 previous movies this weekend and I caught the first 2. Not to give too much away, Rocky fights the same opponent, Apollo Creed, in both films. In the 1st one he loses on points, but in the 2nd he wins with a last round knockout.
Rocky's joy at becoming World Champ and his dedication to his wife, Adrian, warmed me little heart and a single tear slid down me cheek as the credits rolled.

So there it is. Rocky II.

this man made me cry!

thanks to wikipedia.org
(p.s. I know the poster is from Rocky(IV)Balboa)