Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Gregg!

Us Capricorns are a thoughtful lot. While everyone is getting over Christmas and getting back into work. Trying to give up those cigarettes or lose weight, or whatever resolution they have. The evenings are still dark and the weather still cold and depressing. Yet, us Capricorns are there: having our birthdays early on so the rest of the world can still have a party, and have some cheer to keep their spirits up.

This weekend my best bud Gregg clicked another year off on his age'ometer'. Never one to think small, Gregg originally wanted to go to Paris for Saturday night, Eurostar there and back, but the slow take-up meant that plan ended back on the shelf. In the end dinner and drinks was arranged in Farringdon. Gregg was late to his birthday dinner due to work, and I just turned up for the drinks.

Sunday, Gregg had a family dinner and his house prepared by his mom and I'm sure, his sisters. It was a lovely family evening with his sisters and their husbands and their children, and his girlfriend, and Me! Yay!


the First capricorn celebrator of 2007 said...

yay! go cappies! and gregg is actually a bit of a looker aint he! and, my dearest brother, when are you going to learn to spell 'mum' correctly?!?

squish said...

Sis, that boy has got a big enough head already without you making it any bigger, and I spell 'mom' just fine thanks.

Greg said...

what the hell does 'thoughtfully' mean?

squish said...

smart ass!