Monday, January 01, 2007

A new begining?

'Out with the old, in with the new. A new more positive outlook.'

Yeah right! It will just be more of the same old crap. We try to make improvements, yeah, we'll make little gains, but we are creatures of habit. Lazy. Always choosing the path of least resistance. Pre-programed. But the trying to change is the best part, with all the obstacles to climb, which makes the rewards that much sweeter.

Me? I have some resolutions for the new year;

1) To clear all my debts, bar active credit card and student loan, by 2008.
2) To have achieved a basic level in speaking and writing Spanish. Again by 2008.
3) Get back into drawing, with a view to producing artwork and illustrations that could make it to books. Covers and interiors.
4) Stop being sooo fussy with women!
5) Stop being so nice with woman. Good guys finish last. I'm the living proof.
6) Stay on message. So many things in life try to take you away from yourself. Try to squeeze you into a different mould, dance to someone else's tune. Well not me, I'm staying on message.

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