Monday, January 01, 2007

Hellooooo 2K7!

Did I go out last night? Are you some brain dead Dilbert? Of course I did! New Years Eve. Hello!!
In the end I spent new years with Sarah and Vicky. Driving over to Egham in Surrey to go to a house party in Vicky's student house. I was definitely a cool night, and after midnight we walked down to the Uni campus and did a little exploring. But I couldn't drink as I had to drive there and back. First new year I've welcomed sober in a long time I can tell you.

Also. Check out the new look for Squish Pages. Rocking!


~*~Char~*~ said...

Happy New Year!!
Hope you had a great night, Mine was wicked!!
See you on Sat for ya bday celebrations!
x x x

Mr Hotmail said...

sacha, you may need to check your email, we have reason to believe there are one or two you need to reply to...