Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sarah's 21st

The 1st birthday of the year, and the honor goes to Sarah! She wanted a 'small' one. Not like Kirsty's limo ride to London. Or Greg's massive hired party or Lucy's house party or even Channa's 3-night extravaganza! A few close friends down the pub. Oh well. We ended up going to 3 separate pubs, drinking all the way. There where a few new faces as well; 2 of Sarah's old work colleagues and Louise's new fella Chris.

The main pub was The Cuckfields in Wanstead. Sarah had reserved a table but it had been given away and we had to wait a hour for another to come available. A little of the spotlight shone on me too with my birthday on Monday. Hope you had a good day and evening Sarah!

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~*~Charlene*~* said...

Excuse em moi! No mention of the photographer!!! But i like how my handy work turned out good! A good nite! Hope u both had a gd one! N i hope u liked ya prez Sachman!! hehe!
P.S. Hav u got the good pic of me and David? if so culd u email it 2 me, cheers!
x x x