Monday, January 08, 2007


Its the BIG one! The last and the very best of the 'Big 3'. Christmas and New Years are just the warm up. Keeping with tradition I have the day off today. I never toil on my birthday! I think I will bake a cake today. As a kid I always loved burfday cake with the real icing on top, and with my sweet tooth I would eat the icing first!

I've had a few presents already;

A willy care kit (!?), from Charlene and Dave.

A drinks tankard from Kirsty.

And from me, the silver, James Bond edition K800i.

Thanks for the birthday text today but unfortunately I will have to delete them all as I will be using me new handset :(


Charlene + David x x x said...

Happy Birthday Sachman!! hope there some cake left for me!! hehe!! Hope u enjoyed ya 21st birthday!!
Love Always

The Man they called Dude said...

Want a pearl necklace for your Birthday Mr Squish?

the girl they call cool said...

HAPPY BUFFDAY!!!! Hope you had a great day! sorry i couldnt text [now realise i dont get me texts thru till tomorrow! eek!] did u get ur e-card? -check yo email!also, would u be able to gimme a ring when u get this message? we need a chat -tis quite urgent :,(

some other old git said...

can you remember your 21th birthday ??
(when was it again ??)

The original man they Dude! said...

Dude. Happy b'day. Laters