Friday, January 05, 2007

Rolling around London town

Yesterday, on my day off, I had to venture into the West End to exchange a Christmas gift for my mommy; and whilst there thought I'd take the opportunity to drop in on Channa. I'd been meaning to do so for a while but the last 2 occasions I couldn't find her shop. Even this time I had to walk up and down Regents Street three times before I found it.

As luck would have it she was due a break and joined me on my trek to HMV. I then had to endure her going into 2 different branches of the shoe shop Office, to find some shoes (obviously). They didn't have her size. I then tried Uniqlo to get a jumper to wear for mine and Sarah's birthday night out. They had run out of my preferred colour.

I bid 'adieu' to Channa then searched a few stores for a jumper, eventually finding one in Burton. I'm gonna look so cool Saturday night.

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