Sunday, January 28, 2007

Melissa's 21st

Yesterday was Honeybee's birthday and as standard an celebratory evening out was arranged. She desperately wanted to go to Faces in Gants Hill, but it was a drama to sort out. Saturday's is members only, Melissa wasn't old enough to be a member till Saturday. As a non member she was not permitted a guest list and none of her guests were members, so no one would get in! It took a personal visit to get the club to let her have her night.

It started off at Mel's house with drinks and the cake cutting, then we all moseyed on down to the club. It was a really good night, booging the night away. There was a guest PA from the X Factor contestant from Barkingside. Don't know his name as I never watch those shows.

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HoneyBee said...

Aww Sacha, I'm lovin the pics.. they're wicked. Was a FANTASTIC night, thankyou so much for cuming.. uz all made it a night to remember. Mwah xxxxxx